What's The Gift?

One Question Can Change Your LIFE & Your BUSINESS

The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Business Success: Volume 1

This book and your 30-Day Challenge will help reprogram the fundamental way you approach life, your business and the MEANING that you attribute to events. Let it change and improve you.

Life produces extraordinary rewards for those who give in extraordinary ways. There’s nothing stopping you from having a thriving business and enjoying a fulfilling life!

YESTERDAY is history.

TOMORROW is a mystery.

TODAY is a gift.


Ashley Peterson,
Step Up Strategies, Inc.

“At first, I was a bit skeptical, but I have to say, I LOVE THIS BOOK! Most of all, it helped me feel like I wasn't so alone with my challenges. Everyone struggles, and this book helped me condition a great psychology, that helps me to see things differently - and is empowering me to take better actions every day. I plan to take the 30-Day Challenge several times a year.”

In the Book, You Will Get:


Use these benefit sections to highlight some aspects of your book. Not sure what to pick? It's whatever will lead to the greatest positive outcome for your readers. Highlight your best chapters and most exciting discoveries.


Each week you’ll be prompted to track and measure your progress, culminating in a final "Completion Exercise" at the end of the challenge.


To help support your progress and transformation, you’re given 30 daily videos to inspire and entertain you.

3 MP3's

You will get access to 3 different recordings that you will listen to each day of your 30-Day Challenge.

About the Author: Trevor Crane

Trevor Crane is a six-time #1 international bestselling author, and the creator of several products and programs that help entrepreneurs create business success.

He been a trusted business adviser, coach and mentor for over a decade. Helping his clients generate more than $13 million dollars in bottom line profits in 2014, he is sought after as a SMB and Independent Professional coach around the world.

Trevor is the filming his third season of the online TV show (and podcast) called Greatness Quest. He is also the co-host of the new LIVE show, Race To 7 Figures - viewers tune in LIVE on Blab to hear weekly tips and strategies to MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS +. (Hosted on www.TheGreatnessNetwork.com)

Trevor helps take businesses owners to the next level - no matter how successful they already are. His unique commonsense approach, along with his humor, wit, and infectious energy, allow him to connect with virtually any business leader or entrepreneur. President of the company, Stepup Strategies, Inc. Trevor and his team help companies outperform, outsell, and outlast the competition through systemic and strategic consulting, coaching, training, marketing and support.

What People Are Saying

Frank Clark,
Partner at Game On 365

“I have been fortunate to see Trevor inspire audiences with winning strategies for growing their lives, businesses and careers. Trevor cares deeply about teaching his clients how to create results and revenue quickly. He is completely dedicated to his clients and helping them achieve and exceed their goals with proven systems that create results on demand. ”

Willard Barth,
Business Leader, Executive Business Coaching Expert & Speaker

“One of the first things that you may notice when you meet Trevor is his passion for life and his full throttle enthusiasm for helping people. Trevor is masterful at helping people monetize their ideas. He has a unique understanding of how to attract, serve and maintain high paying clients. His work with coaches, authors, speakers and consultants helps them dramatically increase their revenue. He transforms them not only into entrepreneurs but into highly paid trusted advisors.


This book includes a 30-Day Challenge Workbook, complete with links to Daily AUDIO’S and VIDEOS that walk you through the entire book.

Let it change and improve you.

There’s nothing keeping you from enjoying a full, active and happy life!